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    Education, Exams and Certification

    As a partner of the Italian Association for Informatics and Automatic Calculation (AICA), ITG is offering certified training, including the ECDL/ICDL (European/International Computer Driving License) Core and Advanced level.

    Customized training is the best solution to meet each client’s needs, whether  individual or company. ITG is able to monitor every client  attentively during the learning process.

    The experience of our experts and founders and their very high level business and academic background facilitates understanding and managing the diversities which are “our added value“.

    Training is carried out at the client, in an e-learning mode or with a mixed approach.

    In addition to the customized training ITG also offers certification on specific projects..

    ITG has worked in harness with AICA for the ECDL Italy project since its foundation. As a result of this long partnership, ITG has been chosen as a partner for education and certification in companies, schools and prestigious universities, also offering them a complete exams package. The ECDL outsourcing solution for university includes:

    • management of candidates and the enrollment in ECDL exams;
    • complete payment management;
    • holding the exams at the client’s;
    • issue and registration of ECDL exams.

    Thanks to its long standing experience in ECDL project and thanks to its accuracy and professionalism, ITG has created and designed, in partnership with AICA, a new automatic dispenser for ECDL Core, Full Standard NEW ECDL and Advanced ECDL exams: AICE (AICA In- application Certification Evaluator).

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